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Cheryl Mann is a nationally-known speaker who gives your audience practical tools, resources and information they can use immediately.  She leaves your group not only inspired, but with a specific plan and commitment to taking action so the participants will benefit from the seminar long after it is over!  See below for a few client comments!


Speaking Topics

  • Leading High-Performing Cross-Functional Teams 

Leaders have a big challenge today - they must effectively lead cross-functional teams toward greater productivity and success! The leader who recognizes the importance of using new and proven tools to create alignment with accountability and drive optimal performance based on a shared vision can learn how to lead his/her team to greater results, even amidst the challenges inherent to cross-functional teams.

This session helps participants learn to:

  • Leverage high-performing team communications tools that drive optimal performance for cross-functional success: team agreements with accountability, navigating conflict, and a shared vision that goes beyond the charter
  • Optimize cross-functional team results by enhancing relationship dynamics, leveraging team diversity, celebrating team successes, and increasing awareness of potential pitfalls
  • Measure, review, and create a plan for team’s specific strengths and weaknesses and focus on and use the rarely addressed “positivity” factors that are key to motivating cross-functional teams to greater productivity
  • Turn it up During a Downturn – Lead Your Team to Increased Productivity Despite Budget Cuts! 

It IS possible to improve productivity, even during times of budget cuts. This session helps participants learn to:

  • Improve productivity by recognizing the crucial connection to optimized team relationships
  • Discover hidden blocks to team productivity and learn stress reduction techniques that shift mindsets from fear, pressure and survival to long term success mode
  • Develop skills to lead teams to “do more with less” with newly discovered leadership skills

  • Who Moved My Stress? – 9 Steps to Transform Stress/Pressure Into Peaceful Productivity

Workplace stress is one of the most significant contributors to blocking productivity. This session helps participants:

  • Discover the connection between reducing stress and highly productive teams
  • Unlock the secrets to creating less stressed, more relaxed team interactions that yield better team results, especially during times of change
  • Create and deploy a specific “peaceful productivity plan” to turn their vision for a less stressed and more productive team into reality
  • The New Leadership Paradigm -- Strategic Leadership of Team Dynamics to Maximize Productivity

Leaders must strategically align individual talent into a cohesive collective effort to maximize the fullest potential of their teams. This session helps participants:

  • Uncover the real underlying and hidden reasons as to why their team is not performing well
  • Create a step-by-step plan to lead their team to maximum performance by enhancing relationship dynamics and, as a result, productivity
  • Design creative strategies to maintain momentum and fully-functioning team dynamics
  • Take Back Your Life: Become a More Effective Leader by Achieving Your Ultimate Work-Life Balance

Managers who create effective work-life balance have less stress and improved health, leading to greater satisfaction, capacity and productivity as a leader. This session re-energizes participants by helping them:

  • Define and de-stigmatize the obstacles keeping them in that high stress, “stuck on a treadmill” place to break free from the log jam that’s keeping them from reaching their true leadership potential
  • Develop strategies to overcome the obstacles preventing them from “getting it all done” with balance
  • Create a personalized strategic plan to create greater balance and become more effective leaders
  • Reduce Project Stress and Complications: Critical Communication Factors

    In order to successfully deliver project results, project managers must rely on their teams to function at full capacity. High-performing teams are critical and have achieved highly-effective communication. Participants will learn to:

    • Create and maximize the use of special communication tools such as team agreements
    • Understand how to avoid non-toxic team behaviors
    • Utilize the top 10 communication tools for team success
  • Beyond the Project: 5 Critical Success Factors for Your Team’s Success

Project teams typically focus on project deliverables, often at the expense of the team’s dynamics. This session helps participants learn to:

  • Optimize results by focusing on relationship dynamics
  • Create effective communication tools for success, including team agreements
  • Measure, discuss and create a plan to address team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Riding the Waves of Change

These are tumultuous, uncertain times for many teams and organizations, so it’s critical to help your participants learn to:

  • Enhance their leadership skills to manage daily stressors
  • Enhance communication skills to help their teams manage change more effectively
  • Effectively lead team members who are resistant to change
  • Realize the connection between personal responsibility, daily choices and actions


A Few Client Comments About Cheryl's Speaking Events:


"“Thank you for your participation at CHA’s Post-Acute Care and Health Care Reform seminar. Your warm presentation style and knowledge of leadership and team management pulled in strong evaluation scores. We are extremely pleased that your presentation was so highly valued by our attendees. Thank you again for your efforts!”

Pat Blaisdell - Vice President, Post-Acute Care – California Hospital Association
Liz Mekjavich - Director, Education – California Hospital Association

"“We were lucky to have Cheryl Mann facilitate a truly wonderful “Work-Life Balance” workshop designed to help all of us achieve our highest potential with greater work-life balance. The turnout and overall feedback from this session was tremendous - all participants gave nothing but rave reviews!”

Michele Cappel, Los Angeles-Orange County Steering Committee, Johnson & Johnson Women’s Leadership Initiative

"Thank you for speaking at Meta Health’s User Group Meeting in Phoenix! Your keynote presentation was VERY well received, and participants commented on how timely and valuable they found the information to be. Thank you again for your contributions!"

Eli Nahmias, President of Meta Health Technology, Inc..

"Cheryl, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation as our Keynote Speaker at our recent Western Regional Users Group (WRUG) Conference in Portland. You did a great job! Your topic, "Who Moved My Stress", was relevant to our membership, as I am sure it is to all working adults. I heard a number of positive comments from session attendees. They appreciated the tools and examples of changes they could make to improve team dynamics and the quality of their life. Your concept of a "team agreement" was clever and one of many audience takeaways. It has been a pleasure to work with you, Cheryl!

Cliff Skinner, Vice President for Agenda Planning, Western Regional Users Group for GE Healthcare

:Cheryl delivered an excellent speech on "Riding the Waves of Change" to the PMI- Silicon Valley membership. The speech was informative, entertaining and apt for everyone, especially, Project and Program managers. She received very positive feedback from all those attended. I would like to personally thank Cheryl and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great speaker!"

Eashwar Iyer, Director of Evening Programs - Project Management Institute-Silicon Valley

"Work-Life Balance is a subject that as professionals, we secretly know needs attention, but is one that rarely is verbalized.  Cheryl empowered our association members to share personal experiences and tactics used in their attempts to balance their lives while sharing her proven insightful tips and suggestions to improve upon those personal journeys to make them successful.  Cheryl managed to tap into and draw out the personal aspects of daily life from a varied array of healthcare executives in a fun and interactive way.  She made a difference!"

Rick Swanson, Vice President - California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG)

"Thank you to you and your assistant who came all the way from California to speak at our 1st Annual NW Biotech Expo in Bellevue, WA.  Cheryl, your organization and professionalism genuinely displays your competency in giving advice on business success.  You were such a pleasure to work with and your speech was very timely and effective for the audience.  It's great to work with a speaker that is one step ahead of me and everyone else!  It was such a pleasure to work with you!  We received many compliments about your session from our attendees after your speech.  It was very helpful for them to hear all of the positive and helpful advice that you bring to today's business people.  We definitely recommend your speaking services to anyone that is putting together a business seminar, conference or anything else that needs a great public speaker!"

Taraneh Moll, Finishing Touch Events

"We want to commend you for the very entertaining, informative "Riding the Waves of Change" seminar you brought to our company.  It came at a very pivotal point in our company business.  I so appreciated your understanding for our employees' needs and the tools you brought to share with them.  The positive feedback that we have received from the participants includes comments regarding how helpful and knowledgeable you were personally.  That, coupled with your friendly presentation style has helped to equip them with the necessary tools to transition through the stresses of the upcoming company merger.  Thank you again for sharing your time and golden nuggets!"

Jean Long, Occupational Health Manager, Chiron Corporation (now Novartis)

"Thank you for the remarkable presentation you made to our company.  The clever techniques revealed to our team were extremely effective.  Your presentation skills were first rate, the content was exactly what we wished for, and the results achieved were quantifiable.  In fact, our February sales were the highest year over year since we started our company - the proof is in with results like that!  We look forward to more interaction with you and your company. "

Jeff Gidre, President, O2 Marketing + Design

“In a room made up of over 50 percent of self-employed business women in many age groups and from a multitude of backgrounds, Cheryl managed to keep everyone focused on the specific aspects of success.  Cheryl was able to deliver hands-on tools that could be applied the next morning in their work environment.  Everyone would have stayed an extra hour just to glean more of her hands-on experience and encouragement.  Thank you, Cheryl, for your commitment and honest delivery of today's success tools through the presentation and the one-one individual coaching."  

Melissa Haines Shults, Regional Executive Director - Western States - eWomenNetwork.com

and Communication Management Consultant - Sacramento, CA


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