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Is it time to improve the operational effectiveness of your team?  Could the relationships among your team members be enhanced to increase productivity and achieve your team's desired goals

Working together cohesively and synergistically as a team is critical to achieving organizational results. 

The keys to a successful team include:  shared mission/purpose, shared commitment, common goals, agreement to behavioral norms, clear roles, trust and mutual respect.  The most successful teams also challenge as well as support each other, hold each other accountable on a regular basis, communicate openly and have fun together.  Bottom line:  high-performing teams generate results! 

Would you like to uncover the"real" issues that are preventing your team from achieving your desired results, with a skilled facilitator who can help the team speak candidly and break through these obstacles?

If so, read on for an exciting solution to find out what's really happening within your team so that you can plan accordingly to help your team get to the "next level"!  And, read a few client "success stories" below as well!

Team Diagnostic Assessment™ and Team Building Sessions

The Team Diagnostic Assessment Tool   provides a benchmark for your team and a map for moving forward.  This exciting tool was developed specifically for teams to view their current productivity and positivity factors, so you can see at a glance the areas in which your team excels and those which could be enhanced. 

Productivity factors are strengths which support the team in achieving results, accomplishing tasks and staying on course to reach goals and objectives.  Positivity factors are strengths which focus on the interrelationships between team members and the spirit or tone of the team as a system.  Combined, productivity and positivity are the essential factors that create high performing, sustainable teams. 

After team members complete the online Diagnostic Assessment and their responses are compiled, the results of the Diagnostic Assessment are then reviewed with the team during offsite team building sessions so that the team can see their results and engage in exercises specifically designed to improve the areas identified as needing improvement.  Cheryl Mann is an Authorized Diagnostic Specialist and is trained in organizational/relationship systems coaching, so she is uniquely qualified to deliver this tool and the accompanying team building sessions.

Click here for more information about the Team Diagnostic Assessment and accompanying team building sessions, along with sample reports.  Read below for a few client success stories!

Create a foundation for YOUR team to be high performing -- Contact us to customize a program so your team can achieve the results that you and your organization are counting on. 


Sampling of Team Building Client Success

"Our law firm’s energy and effectiveness were being sapped by destructive conflicts.  Communication and relationship struggles in our high-pressure, high-stakes environment were costing us too much.   Cheryl and Grace understood our dynamics instantly and knew what to do about them.  You led us through the critical conversations we couldn’t have had on our own and did it in a graceful and respectful way, using a credible and proven process.


We emerged with new skills and concrete commitments for moving beyond what was blocking us….and they’re working! People are motivated, energized, and more effective in their work because they’re more effective in their relationships. We are all now responsible for ourselves, and for each other. We learned to make mutual accountability and shared leadership a reality in our office.  We couldn’t have done it without you."

John Sterns, Manager - Sterns and Walker


"Our business had a need to retool our management structure and better position ourselves for future growth.  We'd had negative experiences with other team building organizations more interested in our following their strict regimen and collecting their fee.


Cheryl gave us instant confidence and surprised us with her skill, ability, and insight that helped us resolve long-standing issues that were holding us back.  Cheryl helped us shift some major paradigms and we are now a much stronger team with the confidence to take our organization to the next level."

Mark J. Cimino, CEO, Cimino Care


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