Goals InSight, Inc.: Facilitation and Workshops for Organizational Team Building, Goal Setting and Business Strategy

Programs and Services

We offer a variety of solutions to help your organization and leaders achieve your desired level of excellence.  We can help you determine the best solution for your specific needs - contact us for a complimentary consultation. 

This is an opportune time of year to hold the following for your team or Board of Directors:

- Create vision and goals for the coming year so that you entire team/Board will be in alignment for a successful year!

- Create a team/Board development plan so that your team will have team agreements and rules of engagement to be successful in executing their goals this year!

- Team/Board offsite retreat to help your group create a solid foundation for achieving success through effective relationships, common goals/initiatives and specific accountability!

We provide:


New Programs!


Help recession-proof your team's productivity with these focused and cost effective programs!

New Assessments /
Diagnostic Tools


Measure the effectiveness of your team from different perspectives to enhance your team’s performance.



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