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We work with organizations and the leaders within those organizations to achieve your desired results!

Challenges you face:  How often do you ask yourself any of these questions
  • How can our team members work better together and be more productive?
  • What can be done to enhance my team's performance so we can achieve our goals?
  • How can I support my overwhelmed staff, as they already have so much on their plates?
  • How can we be more supportive of each other and enjoy our work more as a department?
  • What is getting in the way of our team members utilizing their full potential?
  • How can I be a more effective leader so I can inspire my team?

You want more from your employees and your team.  You know that more is possible, but you may not know how to get there and/or you may need focused support to make it happen.  You may have tried on your own to make the needed changes, but you've realized that it is often very difficult when you have so many other things on your daily "to do" list.  In order to achieve the results that you are being held accountable to, you know the value of an outside resource like Goals InSight   - we are an unbiased, impartial resource with the skills, expertise and credibility to facilitate change for your organization.

Our ideal clients:  Clients will be most successful working with us if your team/department is:
  • Ready for the "next level" of fulfillment and performance/results
  • Committed to success
  • Willing to learn new skills, tools and ways of being successful
  • Wanting to make a difference - really make a contribution through your work
  • Uncompromising with your honesty and integrity
Examples of client organizations that we've worked with (partial list), by industry:

Communications / Marketing / Public Relations:

Echo Communications

Jiva Creative

O2 Marketing + Design



Delegata Corporation

Phillips Business Consulting


California Retaining Walls

Health Care:

California Association of Physician Groups

California Hospital Association

California Society of Health-System Pharmacists


GE Healthcare Western Regional Users Group

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

  • Annual National Leadership Conference
  • Council of Chapter Presidents
  • Leadership in Practice Coaching
  • St. Louis Chapter

Healthcare Financial Management Association

  • Annual National Institute
  • Measure-Apply-Perform (MAP) Conference
  • Northern California Chapter
  • Southern California Chapter
  • Washington/Alaska Chapter

Hill Physicians Medical Group / PriMed Management Consulting Services, Inc.

John Muir Women's Health Center

Johnson & Johnson

Kaiser Permanente

Loma Linda University Health Care

Meta Health Technology


Sutter Health

University of California, San Francisco

Vision Service Plan

Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Women Health Care Executives


Sterns & Walker

Project Management:


Project Management Institute - Central Valley Chapter

Project Management Institute - Sacramento Valley Chapter

Project Management Institute - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Project Management Institute - San Joaquin Valley Forum

Project Management Institute - Silicon Valley Chapter

Vision Service Plan

Non-Profits/Public Institutions/Muncipalities:

Building Blocks for Kids

California State University, Chico

City of Healdsburg

City of Milpitas

Diablo Valley College


Mannequin Madness

                                          Client Successes

Below are testimonials from a few of our clients regarding their results and experiences with our programs.

“Cheryl Mann was a guest speaker at the Women of AT&T 2011 Heart Health Fair. She presented a workshop on work-life balance and it was well received by our audience. I know that I personally walked away with some information that I can immediately apply. I would highly recommend Cheryl to any organization that is looking for an expert in this area as well as team dynamics. It was truly a pleasure working with Cheryl! "

Melissa Ricks, Vice President Programs & Hospitality
Women of AT&T

“The Jump Start program set our new HBA Board of Directors on a successful path! Through Cheryl’s facilitation, we created a common language around team dynamics and how productivity and positivity can be balanced to create a more productive Board. As President, I appreciate the culture of ownership this process created – the team creates the “rules” of engagement (team agreements). I don’t have to be the only one who is holding everyone accountable, which is key on a volunteer board. We have buy-in on things like email communication protocol, Board meeting attendance, and follow through. Cheryl did a fantastic job!”

Nancy Donohoo, Partner, Grant Cooper HealthCare and
President, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association – St. Louis Chapter

“When it became clear that we were being held back by entrenched cultural and communication issues, we turned to Goals InSight for help. Cheryl spent a great deal of time with us up front, learning about our unique team, challenges, and goals – turning what she learned into a targeted development program for our group. Despite the tricky and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that needed to happen, the team was successful at tackling them because Cheryl consistently provided a positive and supportive energy in our sessions, winning over even the most reluctant in our group.

As a result of our work with Cheryl we gained invaluable communication skills, built and committed to new team agreements for moving forward, and achieved a higher level of individual and team accountability. We cleaned up our legacy issues and have emerged as a much more open, confident, cohesive, and focused team. From a pre-program survey to a post-program survey, our team scores for Effective Communication rose 24% while Optimism rose a whopping 67%. Best of all, there is more positive energy, team collaboration, and many more smiles to be had around the office. Our team looks nothing like it did eight months ago and Cheryl helped us get results beyond anything we could have imagined in so short a time!”

Stacie Kizziar, Partner
Jiva Creative, LLC

"As the Program Manager of a newly approved, 2+ year program to reengineer business processes and install a CRM system into one of the company's largest divisions, I had a new project team that needed to quickly turn into a cohesive team and hit the ground running.  There were quite a few challenges for this team and frankly, I was at a loss as to how to facilitate building the team in a short timeframe.  Cheryl took the time to really listen to what it was I thought our team needed, heard what special challenges this team would face and put together a very customized program that ended up being exactly what we needed.  Our team gave her rave reviews and we continue to use what we learned while working with Cheryl.  This team was extremely productive from our very first sprint and I attribute this success to having Cheryl there to help grow this team into something amazing!"

Dina Henry Scott, PMP, Program Manager
Vision Service Plan

"From the onset, Cheryl was able to adapt to an aggressive time line for the retreat.  With our input she defined objectives, contacted the participants, created the retreat agenda and facilitated its outcome in a week.  During the retreat itself all participants remained engaged.  We emerged with a statement of core values, a new appreciation for the team’s talents, techniques for better communication and a focused strategy for going forward.  Post-retreat surveys from the team members were very favorable reviews and we are planning the next steps with Cheryl’s assistance.  I am very pleased with the work of Cheryl and Goals InSight!"

Craig Lanway, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
PriMed Management Consulting Services, Inc. / Hill Physicians Medical Group

“As the new leader of a small not for profit I began to recognize that our team needed clarification on our goals and job components. I had worked with Cheryl in a previous job and knew that she would be just what our team needed. We held a one-day retreat where Cheryl led us through a number of exercises that were perfect for our team. We had a great time throughout the day, yet Cheryl was able to lead us through some very candid and directed conversation. We spent significant time focused on thinking as a system versus thinking as individual team members. The results have been remarkable!  We now have a clear team vision, a standing agreement on how we will work together and very clear, achievable individual and team goals.

The other departments are beginning to ask us why we’re so happy all the time and producing results at the level we are. I can honestly say that our work with Cheryl and the Goals InSight team is the number one reason we have this new (and lasting) sense of purpose. We plan to engage her annually, to assess our progress and set strategic directions.”

Cindy Goga, Foundation Director
Diablo Valley College

"Cheryl was able to "zero in" on what our sales team needed to do.  Her workshop was very successful and our team appreciated the hands-on tools used and wished we had more time!  Cheryl's expertise and ability to get to the core of our objective made for a successful employee development event!"

Liz Mack, Sales Manager - Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

“Our law firm’s energy and effectiveness were being sapped by destructive conflicts....and none of my best management “fixes” were working!  In a high-pressure, high-stakes environment like ours, these communication and relationship struggles were costing us too much.

Cheryl and Grace understood our dynamics instantly and knew what to do about them. You led us through the critical conversations we couldn’t have had on our own and did it in a graceful and respectful way, using a credible and proven process. I was surprised by how successful you were at engaging even the most skeptical members of our team, but what surprised all of us the most were the creative solutions we were able to design for ourselves with your support.


We emerged with new skills and concrete commitments for moving beyond what was blocking us….and they’re working! People are motivated, energized, and more effective in their work because they’re more effective in their relationships. We are all now responsible for ourselves, and for each other. We learned to make mutual accountability and shared leadership a reality in our office.  We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!"

John Sterns, Manager - Sterns and Walker, Attorneys at Law

[Co-facilitated by Cheryl Mann of Goals InSight and Grace Boda of Center for Vital Partnership]

"We launched a new 15-week supervisor leadership program designed for new or existing supervisors and team leaders who show high potential for further leadership roles in the organization. The program’s curriculum covers several topics, one of which is employee motivation and recognition. Cheryl Mann of Goals Insight was our first choice when searching for a well-qualified facilitator on that subject because of her expertise and communication style. Those who attended Cheryl’s workshop were enthusiastic about what they learned. One participant said, “I have been interested in doing this for a long time. Thanks for the ideas.” Another person commented, “Excellent speaker! The session was very comfortable and had great group interaction. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned!” Participants have mentioned that they enjoy receiving the Goals Insight Consulting monthly e-newsletter to keep their ideas refreshed as they continue to identify how they might best recognize team performance while discovering those motivational factors that drive them to succeed. Three of the 13 participants enrolled in the supervisor leadership program were promoted by the end of the 15-weeks; we consider Cheryl key to our success.


Cheryl Mann has a passion for her work and a desire to provide the best quality of service to her clients. She is open and friendly which puts learners at ease, especially when discussing issues that may induce high conflict. Her ability to guide group discussion is masterful and her willingness to share her knowledge and experience with others is evident.  PriMed Consulting Services is looking forward to future engagements with Goals Insight. We recommend their services without hesitation.


Judi Hennebry Wise, Manager -Education Services
PriMed Consulting Services/Hill Physicians Medical Group

"Our company was experiencing uncontrolled growth by 300% during the last 3 years.  Management was struggling to keep up.  We needed help to regain control, including guidance on changes in management procedures and a strategic plan to proactively sustain our growth.  


Cheryl gained an instant grasp on our situation and helped us establish dramatic and necessary changes.  Not only do we now have a strategic plan, but our Directors have all experienced a positive change in attitude and common focus.  Our company has substantially changed for the better, thanks to Cheryl’s leadership of our planning efforts."

Rex Daysh, President - California Retaining Walls

"Our business had a need to retool our management structure and better position ourselves for future growth.  We'd had negative experiences with other team building organizations more interested in our following their strict regimen and collecting their fee.


Cheryl gave us instant confidence and surprised us with her skill, ability, and insight that helped us resolve long-standing issues that were holding us back.  Cheryl helped us shift some major paradigms and we are now a much stronger team with the confidence to take our organization to the next level."

Mark J. Cimino, CEO - CiminoCare

"In Cheryl's workshop "Riding the Waves of Change, she quickly gained the attention and participation of all of those in attendance by melding substance with style and, when appropriate, whimsy, to the delight of the group.  Cheryl's tailor-made presentation focused on tools to promote and/or deal with change in our personal and professional lives alike.  I was particularly pleased to see some of our more introverted members participate freely by sharing their thoughts regarding how these tools could be applied to their lives.  Cheryl clearly practices her own techniques and in doing so is able to earn the focus of the wide range of personalities that typically make up any good department or organization.  Our department has definitely benefited from our time with her, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for advancement in realistic goal achievement."

Lydia Derugin, Director of Administration, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery - UCSF

"Thank you for conducting a very valuable workshop for us.  Your attention to detail and thoughtful planning laid the ground work for a very productive day, which empowered the Commission to develop Core Values, a One, Five and Ten Year Vision Plan, a valuable Mission Statement that will enable the Commission to apply for grants and a detailed Action Plan that identifies areas the Commission would like to focus on.  The Commissioners expressed that the workshop provided a better overall understanding of the group, allowed the Commission to work together as a team to foster new ideas, gave the Commissioners a better appreciation of each other's background, and they valued the productive and organized workshop as a whole.  They left the workshop energized and looking forward to getting started on their action plan.  We really appreciated the structured format and your ability to keep the group focused!"

Bill Foulk, Chairperson, City of Milpitas Arts Commission


Next steps:

You may be asking "Can Goals Insight help our organization?"  There's one way to find out -- Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific challenges and to see if we have a good match in working together.  If for any reason we can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can.  Your success is our priority.

Now that you know the types of clients we work with and the types of issues we help them resolve, it's time to review the specific Programs we provide.


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